Let’s face it – metal braces have gotten a bad rep over the years. Parents of patients will often have stories about the "bands" they had when they were younger.

Do not despair - metal braces have come a long way. Today, metal braces are small and sleek. My patients are often surprised at their size. They do not go around the entire tooth but are bonded onto the face of the tooth and are made out of medical grade stainless steel with rounded edges and are low in profile for patient comfort.

Most of my teenage patients find metal braces easy to look after. Coloured elastic rings called “modules” secure the wire into the slot of the metal much like an elastic hair tie.

The coloured modules can be changed at each visit and our patients have a lot of fun choosing colours. During the footy season there is a strong demand for both crows and port colours!

Metal braces are easy to take off at the end as they “pop” off with special debonding pliers.

Metal braces are no longer the bulky railroad tracks but an accessory for anyone wanting a great smile. Metal braces are also the most affordable option when compared to ceramaic braces and Invisalign. They have also been worn by celebrities including Gwen Stefani and Emma Watson.

Photo Credits: Gwen Stefani, Emma Watson [Wiki Commons: Georges Biard]