You have been waiting for this moment – you finally get to have to have your braces off – hooray! But how is it done and does it hurt?

A special instrument called a “bracket remover” is used to distort the base of the metal bracket. This gently lifts the bracket off each tooth. There will be a little pressure but it is relatively quick.

The next step involves removing the cement on your teeth – this takes some time. The orthodontist may use a combination of different burs. An ultrasonic scaler may be used to lift off any glue that may have escaped below the gum level.

In some patients, a fixed retainer(wire) may be bonded to the back of the teeth. I will instruct my patients to use a Superfloss every night leading up to the braces off appointment if a fixed retainer is prescribed.

The final step involves taking impressions so that removable retainers can be made. These are then inserted within a week to ensure that there is no unwanted tooth movement after the removal of braces.

So now you know what is involved with the removal of your braces, you can relax and look forward to your bands off appointment!