1.     Consultation

Our orthodontists and staff will take the time to get to know you and your concerns. After a detailed examination, we will discuss different options for treatment. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like!

2.     Records

It’s time to get to know you even better by taking photographs, models of the teeth and evaluating the X-rays. The orthodontist can make clinical decisions for the treatment plan.

3.     Treatment Discussion

At this appointment, the orthodontist will discuss the treatment plan and answer your questions regarding:

  • Do teeth need to be extracted to address any crowding or “buck teeth”?
  • The approximate time frame for treatment
  • The level of co-operation required by you – e.g. wearing of elastics
  • The type of retainers required at the end of active treatment
  • The fees for treatment

4.     Braces on Appointment

At The Smiling Orthodontist, one of our specialist orthodontists will place the braces on you. The appointment to fit the braces is approximately 1.5 hours. We encourage you to bring an iPod to listen to during this appointment.

A memory wire will be placed to start tooth movement. You will be able to choose your favourite colour for your braces. Clear and silver coloured rings are available if you would like something more discreet.

5.     Adjustments

Once the braces are placed, we will see you every 6-10 weeks for routine checks and adjustments. During these short appointments, wires may be changed.

Since most of our patients are school-aged, after school appointments are most popular. To be fair on everyone, we reserve these popular times for shorter appointments. The initial banding appointment and the deband appointment will normally take place within school hours. This system allows everyone an equal opportunity in terms of scheduling.

6.     Braces Off

Prior to the removal of braces, our orthodontists will ensure that you are happy with the way your teeth are looking. We will also discuss what type of retainers are suitable for you.

Photos will be taken at this appointment so we can show you how far you have come since your first visit!

7.     Retention

An important part of your orthodontic treatment begins once the braces have been removed. This phase is called “retention”, and requires the use of retainers that have been prescribed by the orthodontist.

If wisdom teeth are present, these will be monitored during the retention phase. We will communicate with your dentist to ensure the wisdom teeth are managed as part of your overall care.

At The Smiling Orthodontist, you can have confidence that your treatment is being undertaken by a team of professionals dedicated to orthodontics.