We are here to help

Emergency situations in orthodontics are rare and many problems can be temporarily solved.

Here is a list of problems that you may encounter and a temporary solution that should address the problem until your next appointment. If in doubt, please contact us.

The bracket is loose

If the bracket is still attached to the wire, leave as is and do not attempt to take the bracket off. If it is aggravating the lips or cheeks, dry the area and use a small amount of wax to limit the irritation to the soft tissues.

The wire is broken and it is sharp

If the wire is sharp, try using the wax on the end.

I have lost the coloured ring around my braces

Please contact us for an appointment.

The ligature is sharp

Use a match stick or tweezers to bend the ligature under the wire.

I’ve run out of elastics

Please contact us. Do not use your friend’s elastics as the force from the elastics vary and unwanted side effects can take place from using the incorrect elastics.

My retainers are not fitting

This is usually due to not wearing the retainers for a period of time. If you can still fit the retainer with some discomfort, wear the plate as much as possible as the teeth will move slightly over time to the retainer.


If you have had an accident to the mouth and if there is significant bleeding and looseness of the teeth, please go to your nearest accident and emergency clinic.

We will ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during your treatment. For minor injuries please ring your general dentist or call Dr Kim directly on her mobile (the number will be provided to patients when treatment commences).