The Clear Alternative

Self-conscious about the look of the traditional metal braces? 

Afraid to have photos taken while undergoing treatment?

Not suitable for Invisalign?

If you have answered "yes" to any of the above questions than clear braces may be the solution for you. These braces are less visible and blend in with the shade of your teeth, while maintaining all the functionality and accuracy of traditional metal braces. Because of this, ceramic braces are commonly requested by adults and older teenagers.


Am I suited to ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces can be used in most cases except where there is a deep bite (upper teeth are covering most of the lower teeth). As the ceramic is harder than the enamel of the tooth, placing ceramic braces on the lower teeth may result in wear of the enamel to the upper teeth. In these cases, we'll place conventional metal braces on the lower teeth.

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Getting the right advice from a specialist orthodontist is critical in determining the best treatment for you. Please contact the team at The Smiling Orthodontist so that we can help you find the right appliance to achieve your perfect smile.