Maintaining good oral hygiene throughout your orthodontic journey is important. Poor oral hygiene can lead to decalcification (weakening of the enamel) and eventually lead to cavities. I recommend brushing at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and limiting soft drinks and other foods that are high in sugar.

Every patient that starts their full braces or Invisalign treatment will receive an Oral B electric toothbrush to make brushing a little easier. We will also show our patients how to use an interdental brush to remove plaque from tricky areas.

Flossing is possible – it is a little tricky to begin with but can be done with perseverance! Superfloss can make flossing a lot easier and our staff will go through this with you.

Some patients may find disclosing tablets helpful which visually show where plaque has been missed.
Good oral hygiene will lead to a beautiful smile!