A recent survey by the Australian Society of Orthodontists showed that two thirds of Australians believe that a good smile gives you confidence. A third of those surveyed also believed that a person’s teeth is the first thing they notice when they meet someone. A recent article in Time magazine showed that a confident smile can be more attractive than ‘good looks’.

I have personally seen a rise in the number of adult patients seeking treatment at my practice. There are different reasons for my adult patients seeking treatment. Some have always wanted treatment as a teenager but their parents could not afford the treatment. Others have noticed that with age, crowding has become more noticeable or the wear on the lower front teeth has increased. I was recently interviewed by The Advertiser on the rise of adult orthodontic treatment – see article here.

There are no major contra-indications to an adult seeking treatment. A dental check up with a general dentist is highly recommended to ensure that the gums are healthy and no major dental work is required.

I recently saw a patient who always wanted orthodontic treatment but due to fear of going to the dentist delayed it for years. Now in his early thirties, he sought treatment and is close to having his braces removed. With straighter teeth, he is dentally motivated and regularly attends his check up and clean appointments with his dentist. He has also given up smoking – the teeth are straighter and the gums are looking healthier.

Alternatives to traditional metal braces include Invisalign, ceramic braces and lingual braces, which all provide clear and minimally visible options for adult patients.

A confident smile goes a long way, both in a professional and personal setting. Whether you’re trying to land a new job, preparing for a special event or simply looking to make a good impression, a confident smile has the potential to be your best and most memorable asset.